Creating A Champagne Life
On A (Lite) Beer Budget.

Do You Feel….

  • Like a hamster in a wheel?  Busy busy BUSY but going nowhere fast?
  • Frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, and disillusioned
  • That you had grand plans but no matter how hard you seem to work you can’t make come together.?
  • That life is a constant juggle?
  • Tired, Sad and maybe even angry?.

Do You Crave….

  • Satisfying work that fulfills you.
  • Contentment, happiness and Peace
  • A clear vision of where your life is heading
  • A rich, full, satisfying life in all areas
  • Balance, Confidence and Calmness

Are you living your best 10/10 life right now?

Does your money work as hard as you do and provide you with the Champagne Life you deserve.? If not … why not?

Hi, my name is Sue and I have created Sunshine Cash to let you in the secret to my perfect 10/10 life.   Note I said MY 10/10 life. 

My life might be a different standard to yours, but I can show you how to create your 10/10 life too. Through my blog, I show you how I live a “Champagne Life on a (lite) Beer Budget and with my signature course “Rise to RICH” I give you the step by step tools so you can too.

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Have you ever really stopped to consider why you don’t have the life you want??

I’ll give you a hint… It has nothing to do with how much money you have, what type of job you have or the size of your house.  It has everything to do with MINDSET
By following a few really simple exercises you can truly Rise to RICH in all areas of your life.

A Few Ways We Can Do This Work Together.

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