In today’s busy world, we seem to be constantly pulled from pillar to post with barely the time to stop and take a moment for ourselves this can often lead to feelings of overwhelm and frustration.

Recently, our televisions have been filled with high-level sports matches including the Australian Open and Test cricket it occurred to me while watching some of the after match interviews that these high-performing individuals definitely do not do it all by themselves. Behind the scenes is a huge team of coaches, strategists, advisors, agents, and partners

Would it all boils down to, is that on game day,  the player has just ONE goal that they are completely focused on at that moment.

So what can we learn from this?

I feel as women, we are subconsciously programmed to want to do it all and feel somewhat “less than” if we ask for help.

And of course, there can often be budget constraints after all who can afford to hire a nanny, a house manager, a bookkeeper, and a chauffeur just to do some of the jobs that we as mothers and wives are often expected to do?

Where to start?

Completing my lifestyle quiz might help you uncover the areas of your life that you may be struggling with right now.  When the parts of our lives are going really well, we don’t seem to mind added responsibilities, but those struggle areas can seem like job after job and nothing gets done.

Start with the lowest scoring sections of the quiz and ask yourself whether you need help in this area.
There are many ways to get this help without spending a lot of money some examples could be:

Arrange a cleaning-chatting-drinking-dancing day with a girlfriend. Spend a couple of hours at your house and then a couple of hours at her house and in no time both places will have had a good clean and you will have filled your heart with some quality friend time as well

Ordering groceries online can free up a few hours that you can spend with the kids. I know a number of ladies that add items to the shopping list on the app on their phone as they need it throughout the week and then choose the most convenient time to either have them delivered or use the direct–to–boot service to collect from the supermarket.

If cooking and meal planning are chores that you can never seem to keep on top of, have a look at some of the meal delivery services. Often though, I find these to be quite expensive but many of them will have recipe cards available online.

Choose the meals you would like to have if you were getting them delivered, print out the recipe cards add the ingredients to your shopping list and make up your own meal kits.

Most of these recipes are quick and simple and will be on the table within 30 minutes, often quicker than the time it takes to organize who wants what takeaway and get it delivered.

Looking again at the lower scoring sections of the life balance quiz, is there a way you can combine tasks together for example, is quality time with your partner scoring low and also your health ambitions? Ask for help in trying to find some time together to go for a walk or doing an online yoga or fitness class.

Sometimes you may find that tasks responsibility is yours and yours alone and you truly do not have any capacity to complete it in these cases paid help might be the only option but in my experience, I have found most families can find ways to get no cost or very low-cost help within their current networks.

How can you build your team?