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 Welcome to my corner of the internet where it is about having fun with your money and living an abundant life in all areas.

 I am glad you found me.

Who am I ?

My name is Sue and I am 50 ”something” lady who lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

I have toyed with the idea of a “real” blog for ages.  I have had a number of different blogs over the years covering various topics. I have only just realised that I am not a “one niche” type person.  My life is – well – multifaceted. (As I am sure yours is too.)  Oh a whim, I decided to combine all my bits and pieces into one place and concentrate on how they all come together as my life!!   The overall theme of my life has always been  “I want nice stuff and then I work out how to get it”.    I have often been told we are really “lucky”, and I have pointed out to many friends that it is not luck but careful planning and creativity that has created our Champagne lifestyle.

I am most definitely an introvert, who really does not like being in the spotlight, but a few friends have asked me to show them how they too can have a Champagne Lifestyle.

In the last couple of years, a number of gorgeous friends have boosted my confidence.  I now believe that I CAN DO THIS!!!

My journey with money.

My parents did not give my brother and I a huge amount of pocket money. (and when they did half had to be banked. 🙂  . you can read about it here

In order to have the latest “thing” it meant I had to find income.

From the time I was 15,  I have had a steady stream of jobs, but have never earned above average money.

My career path was firmly entrenched in Photographic retail . I spent many years managing One Hour Photo Shops before finally taking the plunge in 1995 and buying my own store and later expanding to a second store.  .

Now of course, everybody knows what happened to One Hour Photo Shops. 🙁  Fortunately, I was lucky  enough to off load my stores before it all went totally pear shaped.

Together with my husband M, we now run a couple of  successful businesses that keep us fed and off the streets 🙂

In over 20 years of business we have seen good times and bad when it comes to regular cashflow. Throughout that time I have learnt to stretch and maximise every last dollar.  I figure we work HARD for our money, it needs to work hard back.

Many of the tips and tricks outlined in this blog are things I do on a regular basis.

My Family..

I have been together with M for 25 years and, although we are not married, I refer to him as my Husband.

I have two grown children from my previous marriage and am became a Nana in October 2016 and again in 2019.  My gorgeous little boys are a constant delight to me. It is so sad they live so far away and we only get to visit a couple of times a year.

We moved from our standard suburban home in Brisbane to a much more relaxed lifestyle in a resort unit (condominium for my US visitors) pretty much as soon as the kids left home.

We have always said that if we found somewhere nicer than where we live, we might consider moving, but it has been nearly 15 years now, so I guess we must like it 🙂

Why this business and blog?

As I said previously,  I have never earned big money, but sooooooooo many people over the years have said how “Lucky” we are.

Through mentoring, I  aim to provide others with the roadmap I use to create our pretty darn good life.  It is NOT all about who makes the most money. It about living YOUR best life in the style you wish to live it.

The blog serves to give people an idea of how I manage our “Champagne life on a (light) beer budget”.

So…What IS “Sunshine Cash” ??

Many of us have been brought up with the notion of “saving for a rainy day”, so we diligently squirrel away savings for such an event.

“Sunshine Cash” is the complete opposite :-). It is the money that we can have fun with.

It is this formula that has seen me “Rise to RICH” and I hope it will do the same for you 🙂

Where to now?

I hope you will join me and my “Sunshine Cash” and follow my journey.

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Oh and don’t forget to comment on my posts and let me know if any of my ideas resonate with you, or how you do things differently.

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