Over time, I have been on a constant journey of reading and learning various methods of creating a richer life. I have studied the law of Attraction, watched the “Secret” read Rich Dad-Poor Dad, and tried to ” think and grow rich”.

While some of these brought a healthy change to my mindset, my favourite tool came, not from the world of woo-woo airy fairy-ness, but rather from my Corporate life

One year our Conference included a seminar about the Japanese business technique of Kaizen (pronounced KY-ZEN) You may be familiar with it.

It is widely used in Japan and, as a business strategy, it aims to improve all functions of the business and involves everybody from the CEO right down to the production workers and cleaners. No area is immune to the concept that all processes can be improved.

Now, what do you think might happen to your life if you applied those same strategies?

This idea of continuous improvement really resonated with me, and I looked around the internet ( as you do) to see if I could find out more about this. I found lots of books, websites and courses that had similar ideas of creating a better life, one step at a time.

Many of these were great but would focus on one area.
For example: How to get fit or lose weight or reach your goals or how to save money etc etc.

I did find a few books that showed you how to use graphs to improve your overall life, but still at a fairly general level.

What I wanted was to get really SPECIFIC with ALL parts of my life.
I didn’t want to be “rich & famous” in a money sense, but I knew I wanted MORE.
More satisfaction. more balance, more harmony, more ME.

With this end in mind, I created my own plan. I dug into every little thing to choose to improve.

By doing this, I have created a rich life for myself, and now it is time to share that process with you.