How much money do you need?
An interesting discussion recently on this subject with a group I am in.
Now of course the whole philosophy behind my life and, indeed, this blog, is that I don’t aspire to be financially a gazillionaire.

Sure, I want to be a princess but there are a whole lot of factors that are brought up around being financially rich.

I enjoy working but have no wish to do it for 100 hours a week. I also love travelling, but when we are away for an extended period of time, it is lovely to get home.

So, how much money DO you need?

To answer this question, I believe you need to know first how much your ideal 10/10 life would cost.
Once you have that, it is a simple case of working backwards to obtain an annual income level.

I guarantee you it will NOT be as high as you might think.

I have adapted a budget planner to be an “Ideal Life” calculator. Why not try it out and see for yourself what YOUR ideal life costs.

You can get a copy for your own ideal life here… ( or click on the images below)

I see many people say if they had unlimited money that would travel all the time…BUT have a think about it, when you go on holiday, how long does it take you to start yearning for home, friends and family?

Others say they would eat out a lot..but again, would you really? what would that do to your waistline and health? It is fun to play with this calculator but be realistic to your own life as well.

Many of the things you really want from your ideal life are probably not financial, but time based. I want to spend a lot more time with the grandkids, but as they are in school so we can really only visit on school holidays and only if they are not going away on their own adventures.

A fundamental cornerstone of my Rise to Rich course is my RISE Audit to determine where your life is at right now, and then diving deeper into the RISE Plan to fully map out exactly what YOUR 10/10 life looks like.

Check it out here