When you think of RICH does the image of money and wealth immediately spring to mind?  For most people it does, but did you know that the dictionary has many definitions of the word RICH and only one has to do with actual money.

However, by following these 3 simple rules, you can become financially rich.

Rule Number 1:  Do Not Live Above Your Means.
I think everybody knows their income should be higher than their spending to be able to achieve financial stability. Certainly, my philosophy of making my cash work hard for me has been the cornerstone of creating my “Sunshine Cash” lifestyle

Rule 2: Save Up and Invest
Again the common thinking is to save the balance between your income and outgoings and invest to create further income.  Planning income for your future self is a wise decision if you do not to be still working 9-5 well into your 80’s.

Rule 3:  Improve on Rules 1 & 2.
It is easy to plan and budget your expenses. The issue comes in the practice.  So many have the greatest intentions only to slip back to bad habits in a month or two.  It is VITALLY important to keep checking in with yourself and keep yourself on track to achieve your long term goals.

Rule 4:  Do Not Apply These Rules to Just Your Money.
To have a truly RICH life, every area of life needs to follow the first 2 rules.
Let’s see how this can be applied to the 8 life areas..


Life AreaRule 1:

“Do Not Live Above
Your Means”

Rule 2:

“Save Up and Invest”

Financial WealthSpend less than you EarnSave and Invest the left over money after expenses
Home and EnvironmentHave a home that suits your lifestyleMaintain your home to keep it in good condition.
Family & FriendsHave hundreds of “Friends”Nurture and protect true friendships that see you through thick and thin.
Romance / PartnerBe too busy to give your partner time. Taking them for grantedTaking time to connect on a personal level often to keep the spark alive.
Health & WellbeingOvereat and don’t exerciseHave regular check-ups with health professionals.
Career & BusinessJumping from one job to the next often.Creating a long term career that creates job satisfaction.
Personal GrowthBeing constantly stressed and busyAllowing some “Me Time” to create balance and unwind.
Fun & RecreationBeing constantly stressed and busyFinding time to have fun, engage in a hobby or just relax with friends

Take some time and consider how can you apply the 2 rules to your life in all areas.

If you want to explore deeper how YOU can create your RICH life.    Check out my Rise to RICH course.