Why Can’t I Manifest Money??

abundanceHint: It’s because you might not be asking for the right thing 🙂

You have read all the books and blog posts.  You have made your vision board.  You have said your affirmations regularly.  All this and …crickets 🙁

“What am I doing WRONG”?  “I seem to be manifesting all sorts of other things, just not the $10,000 that I really want.”

I get asked this question often.  A client may have done all the work and has set her intention to buy that elusive “thing” but the money does not come 🙁

You might find that you are receiving all sorts of bonuses from the Universe that you have not picked up on.  You might get given tickets to a show you were planning on seeing, or you might win a hamper pack of foodie delights or even just one of those weeks at the supermarket where “everything” seems to be on sale and the checkout total is far less than you expected.

When I receive these kinds of things, I voice my gratitude to the Universe and then decided if I can “pay myself” for them.

eg:  If I receive tickets to a show that I WAS already planning on going to, the amount that I was planning to spend, will go into a bank account or off a debt.

The foodie hamper might be used as a replacement for a dinner out or regifted, either way, the dollar value of what I would normally spend will be used as the value of the hamper.

The supermarket savings will mean that the budget has some “wiggle room” or we may choose to redirect those savings into the holiday fund or similar.

If you look at all you receive and be grateful, you might find you are closer than you think to the original dollar figure you asked for.

But …guess what?  The Universe rarely gives money for money’s sake.  Let’s face it… money is just pieces of paper and metal that we as humans have designated a value to.  If you feel you are being given “things” other than the money you think you want, take a step back and reassess.

What is it that you really want?  If you are trying to manifest $10,000, what is your plan for that money?  Are you actually asking for a new car or a holiday or a new kitchen renovation?

Get specific, you may be surprised just what might be coming.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you manifest what you really want.

Step 1:  Get REALLY clear on what you are trying to achieve.  It is a Kitchen Renovation? Start a Pinterest Board full of ideas for your ideal kitchen. Visit Kitchen displays to be clear on the pricing of your ideal kitchen. When you are in your current kitchen, imagine what it will feel like when your dream becomes reality.

Step 2: Change your mindset.  Don’t dismiss the bonuses that are coming your way.  Be grateful and look for ways that these smaller things can be used as value toward your goal.

Step 3:  Take ACTIONS that lead to your goal.  Get detailed quotes from a builder so you know exactly what you need.  Keep an eye out for sales or bonus buys that mean you can either reduce the cost of your new kitchen or upgrade to higher quality for the same price.  (I have a friend who ended up with  FABULOUS marble splashback feature tiles because they were leftover from a high-end build and listed on Facebook at less than the plain white tiles she was looking at.)