noritake wellesley dinner setRecently I bought an upgrade…

One of my less than perfect items was our dinner set. It was a cheap set bought from Kmart and it has worn terribly.

In my perfect world, I would be eating off fine bone china every meal. So why don’t I?

Well, my BS excuses are around that the “Good dinner set is only for special occasions”. “Good china can’t go in the dishwasher” Good china will chip easily” and that “Good china is very expensive”

My mother’s “good china” is a Noritake set she received as a wedding present over 50 years ago. It gets used maybe once or twice a year. I decided I wanted Noritake as my everyday dinner set. A quick look on Facebook showed a lovely 6 place full setting in a nearby suburb for $50

. SOLD!!!

I don’t even care if the dishwasher takes the silver band off it in 12 months or so. At $50 it is cheaper than the crappy Kmart one. So now, for the time being, my dinner set is High Class. It makes every meal feel like a “special occasion”