Hubby and I have been just so stupidly busy lately that we are both feeling quite overwhelm

ed.  I can tell, both of us are a bit cranky and TIRED  oh so bone weary TIRED.  We often find ourselves struggling to stay up past


We work for ourselves and recently lost a key staff member. It shook both of us around a bit and rather than re-hiring immediately, we tried to do it all ourselves.  (Bad move..although saving 3 months wages has made the bottom line look healthy)

We have now hired some more help so we know it is going to get better, but just the act of doing ANYTHING at present seems to be a struggle.  I have made sure we are eating well with minimum cooking fuss.  Quite a few “throw the ingredients in a pot and cook it” type meals.

Luckily neither hubby or I are not  prone to any severe depression or anxiety, but after the last month or so , we can certainly see how these conditions can manifest very quickly.  We keep reminding ourselves that there IS an end in sight. The new staff members are coming up to speed and the workload is coming back to a manageable level.  Heck, just the fact that I have time to type this post, means I am not “drowning” beneath a pile of paperwork to be completed.

We have both been fairly mindful that we have been too busy and that the need to look after ourselves is important. ( hence the in bed at 8:00 caper)
Some things I have done are: (in no particular order)

  • Ignored the housework to a certain degree.
  • Made sure we eat. At work we have been so busy there were a couple of days we forgot to eat, so I set up a reminder on my phone for coffee breaks and lunch – even if it was just a sandwich on the run.
  • Planned simple no- fuss dinners that required little prep and cooking.  It sounds fancy, but a simple roast is just peel a couple of potatoes, slice off a chunk of pumpkin and thrown it in the oven with a piece of meat for a couple of hours.
  • Ordered groceries online and had them delivered to the office later in the afternoon.
  • Tried to stay positive and actually talk to each other. While we work in the same business, we don’t actually work together ( does that make sense?)  I am busy in the office while he is busy in the factory. So we can still have a “how was your day” conversation when we get home.
  • Hubby has been very good at prioritising which jobs need to be done by which day, and we have not upset any of our valued clients. He is far better at To Do lists than I am.  I make to do lists but not in the correct order and then I can get stressed when they don’t pan out.

How do you cope with a busy life?