As a “middle aged” lady, I do try to keep myself fit-ish.  I no longer go to Gym. I was a member of Curves for a few years but the fees kept rising and our local center changed hands and the opening times were not a “work time friendly” for me.  Hubby and I had been walking every evening, but now the Queensland Summer is just about on us, it is far to hot, even in the evening.  What to do?

My Daughter has been into yoga for as long as I can remember, and while I do enjoy yoga, again I find the times of many studios (and fees) not suitable.

Imagine my excitement when I decided to search YouTube for some gentle yoga and I found HEAPS!!  Who knew?  People keep telling me there is all sorts of “stuff” on YouTube.  I recently bought a box “thingy” that plugs into the TV that turns it into a smart TV.   It is primarily for Netflix, but the opportunity to have YouTube on the big screen is great too.

Anyway, I found this instructor who I have found great.
Yoga with Adriene

I won’t promise to do yoga EVERYDAY, but it nice to have so many options.

How do you stay fit?