Following on from yesterday’s post about belief,  I find that a vision board helps me focus on how I imagine my abundance and helps me truly believe in what I am inviting.

I have been making “vision boards” in some form for years before i knew what they were.  My school diaries were littered with pictures of things I dreamt about.  Whether it was a cute new top or my first little bomb of a car.

My current vision board has not been updated in quite some time and to my surprise I have found that pretty well achieved everything on that board.  This may explain why I have been flat and feeling without purpose for the past 6 months or so….. I have not invited anything new into my abundance. of course I know i should not be surprised…because that is what vision boards do, they are a concrete, focused way of inviting your dreams.

So my mission today (and the next few days) is to complete an update to my vision board and focus on my dreams.
Abundance will come and my vision board is the material invitation of my dreams.