How can I invite abundance if I don’t know EXACTLY what I want.??
Today’s post comes about from a discussion with my husband about abundance.
When I asked him what  Abundance meant to him he answered “Winning Lotto”
This is how the conversation went…..
Me:  Great why?
Him:  Because I would have a million dollars.
Me: What for?
Him:  For whatever I want. (getting cranky now)
Me:  What do you want?
Him:  I don’t know….a million dollars
Me:  But what would you do with it- what would you do
        – what would you buy?
Him:  Whatever I want.
Shortly after this…I gave up undecided

LOTS of people do this…have the wish for “something more” but don’t know what  that “something” is.  Why??   I think it is the point I made earlier about believing you deserve abundance.  My Husband doesn’t actually believe he will ever win Lotto because “People like him don’t win Lotto” so of course he doesn’t.

I KNOW what my abundance looks like. (Made real by my vision board) 
I have decided that I am going to create many vision boards –one for the big things and kind of like a  “sub-boards” off the main board.    For example…on my board is a wish to redecorate our unit.   I am creating a separate board with the things I see for our unit…the furniture, the appliances the linen on the bed. 

This will help further manifest the abundance I want.

Today’s mantra….I can have my abundance in detail. I can see, taste and feel it all around me.