My husband suspects I might be just ever so slightly totally bonkers. (In the nicest possible way of course). After 20 years, he is used to my sometimes crazy purchases.

One of the “secrets” to living my perfect life, is to visualise what that life looks like in minute details.  Then I choose an area that is less than perfect and upgrade it closer to my vision.  Of course, some things are not possible to jump from level 1 straight up to level 10, but for the many little things in life that we “make do,” it can be an easy low-cost upgrade.

One of my upgrades this month has been to buy matching coat hangers for our wardrobe.

This was my side of our wardrobe before….

And this is the after…

It just makes me smile with joy every time I look into the wardrobe now. My wardrobe looks “10/10 ” to me, and it was not a huge expense.

I got these coathangers off eBay I chose the one with clips on them so they are useable for any type of clothing.