Today’s mantra is BELIEF I read an article recently that said…

“In order to receive we have to feel that we deserve to receive”

This got me thinking…do I really believe that I deserve true abundance??
I ( like a lot of people) have had friends and family that have tried to squash
my dreams and aspirations. After a few decades this is bound to sink in and
affect the psyche.
How to break the cycle of limiting one’s own dreams??

To affect lasting change in our feelings of worthiness we must allow ourselves to connect with our essential self, that knows beyond all and every doubt that we are deserving of the very best at all times. We must also be ruthlessly honest with ourselves recognising and admitting when we are behaving against our better judgement to seek approval from others or when we are betraying ourselves by giving too much credence to the limiting voices of self judgement in our heads.

My mission today is to re-affirm to myself that I truly deserve the abundance I
am inviting.

I AM worthy and I believe that abundance will come.

“The thing always happens that you really believe in and the belief in a thing makes it happen” – Frank Lloyd Wright