A friend recently commented that they have no idea how I fit everything into my days, and stay sane 🙂

Yes, it is true that I always have a heap of things going on at one time, and also a number of plans that are ready to burst into fruition in the future.  Between my husband and I, we run 3 businesses, I also try and keep up with this blog and keep the house clean and tidy.

Like many women, I am pretty good at juggling life and getting things done.  But I am going to let you in a little secret.  I do have a system.  I have had a diary/planner since high school.  I have all appointments diarised so I know exactly where I should be on any given day.

I also have defined goals that I write down every year, month and week.  Science has PROVEN that you need to write down your goals.  I have a vision board that details my long term goals and then a physical planner that outlines exactly what I want my life to look like in one year.  I do this around my birthday. It is like giving myself the present of an elite life.

I look at every area of my life and set a goal to achieve within that year.  Once I have set my (often big stretch) goals, it is easy to chunk them into monthly goals and then further into weekly and sometimes even daily tasks.     The old adage of “how to eat an elephant – one bite at a time” is fitting.

I am about to launch a 5 day challenge that will help you set goals, break them into tasks and achieve your ideal life. Stay tuned it is coming real soon.  🙂

Yay!!!  It is here.  Please check out my 5 Day Challenge for Getting $#!T done.

You can sign up here