As we wrap up 2020, I have seen much discussion given to the idea of “Thank goodness this year is OVER- bring on 2021”

However, I prefer to ponder on the 2020 I have had and acknowledge the things I have been most grateful for.

Firstly, is the tremendous relief that my immediate friends and family have stayed healthy throughout the year.

Lockdown, meant learning new ways to communicate for some. (Face-timing 4year olds is just plain FUN) With many people in lockdown and working from home has seen many of the Facebook groups I am in be more active and engaged, as people sought human interaction. I have formed some new online friends that will continue well beyond the new year.

Limitations on being able to go out meant that, instead of going out to eat, we would purchase quality ingredients and prepare many “restaurant worthy” meals at home (served on our “good China”). These days were a load of fun as M and I worked together to create delicious meals – Duck a l’Orange was a triumph, as was Pork Chops and Peaches.

Time at home also saw some heavy decluttering and deep cleaning done. Our apartment feels larger and lighter as a result.

I caught up on many movies, tv shows, YouTube channels and books that had been on my wishlist for ages.

YouTube channels on all kinds of exercise kept things interesting. From Yoga, to Chair Pilates and the crazy fun PE teacher Joe. Thankfully I am entering 2021 at 2kg less than the beginning of 2020.

From a finance point of view, my business is in e-commerce, and I saw a big move upwards in sales. With careful nurturing of my customers, I am looking forward to a new level with this business. M’s tradie business also saw some solid growth. I am immensely grateful that we were able to maintain our staff and even added a new staff member along the way.

All in all when I look at the current level of my life, I rate it as a pretty solid 8. Bring on the ability to travel again to visit and hug our interstate family and life will again be pretty close to 10.

Post in the comments, what are you most grateful for 2020 for?