1: KNOW what your ideal life looks like

Dream, really image yourself living your ideal life. What does it look like? Who is in it? Where do you live? What do you do every day?

You need to be REALLY specific here.
Start from the moment you open your eyes. What is your bed like? What do you do first thing?  Now get up, what do your toes touch on the floor? Is it lush carpet or cool polished timber floors?   Do you go directly to the kitchen to have a glass of fresh squeezed OJ or do you make your way to your spa-like ensuite for a vitalising shower under the glorious rain head while rubbing your body with luscious body wash.?

What is next? Breakfast, yoga, a run or quiet reflection on the patio overlooking the mountains?

How do you dress? What are your plans for the day?

Keep going until you complete your ideal day until the moment you slip your body back into that comfortable bed you rose from this morning.

You can create a number of these ideal days. You might have an ideal work day, an ideal Sunday and an ideal family day

2: CHOOSE to live that life NOW. 

Pick one or two things that are less than ideal and start slowly upgrading.
Simple achievable upgrades are the lesson here, you want each upgrade to be a regular part of your life.

3: Don’t STRESS.

If you are feeling stress about an upgrade in any way, it may be that you are trying to jump too many steps.  Is your Ideal Car a brand new Mercedes or BMW but for now you have an early model Toyota?   Start small, set your intention for that new car, buy a key ring with the logo on it, look at slowly updated your Toyota. Look at the price of older Mercedes’ or BMW’s ( you might be very surprised)

Be – Do – Have

An exercise in creating YOUR ideal life.

Be, Do, Have exercises have been around the self help circles for a long time. The intention is to show your mind what can be.  It is more than a “fake it and make it” folly, it is more about opening yourself up to the possibilities of what your best life FEELS like.

I like to take some quiet time most mornings, in that time before you are fully awake, and just BE.  See yourself in that ideal life.  TRULY be there, what does it feel like?

The following prompts can help you guide your thoughts as to what you can  BE, can DO and can HAVE.

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Enjoy ❤❤