I have been listening to Bob Proctor’s “Success Principles” CD’s this week.
I will share with you the lesson of ACTION!!
As Bob points out in this lesson, we cannot have the abundance we seek without action.  We need to have the idea and the vision – but without Action it is not going to happen.
How often do you hear “If only I could win lotto” or  “If I just had a better job” etc etc etc.  BUT do these people take action to move towards their goals??  9 times out of 10 the answer is no.  Fear and Doubt stop them from being open to the idea that their vision will actually the lotto ticket doesn’t get bought, the resume’s don’t get sent and life just stays the same.

Focus on your vision…what actions do you need to put in place to allow the abundance to enter your life.  Take action now. 

Some of my actions have been to create my vision boards and place them where I can see them each and every day..I have even made the wallpaper of my phone my vision board.  Sure it is a little hard to make out all the details, but just a glance and I know what it is and what is on it in detail.

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I want you to know that a rich life can be your reality. Know that abundance is your birthright and is not set aside for “those people”

You deserve a rich life and I can help you plan it out.

That’s why I am excited to offer you my step by step roadmap to create your ideal life. Explore the shifts, tips and tools you need to RISE to the life you have always imagined.

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