This weekend was a family birthday, so we packed up the car and ventured out to have a special picnic.

The spring weather here is just lovely, and it is always a great time for a picnic.

I designed a “high tea” type spread with pikelets with jam and cream, finger sandwiches, chicken and vegetables, bruschetta, mini prawn cocktails, cupcakes, brownies and fruit salad cups.

None of the elements of this are difficult. The appeal comes in the presentation.
I arranged most of the food on a large platter around a central upturned lunchbox, upon which I placed the pikelets. This replicated the “high tea” look I was after.

I also managed to do this for under $36 to serve 3 people.  Even if I include the cost of the items I already had in the pantry or fridge, it would still have come in at under $50.

This was our main meal for the day, and we were all satisfied without being “stuffed”

I am happy with how it all turned out. The family felt they had been thoroughly spoilt  🙂

This is what I made ( with recipes where applicable)