Do you live your perfect life?

How can I invite abundance if I don’t know EXACTLY what I want.??

Today’s post comes about from a discussion with my husband about abundance.

When I asked him what  Abundance meant to him he answered “Winning Lotto”

This is how the conversation went…..

Me:  Great why?
Him:  Because I would have a million dollars.

Me: What for?
Him:  For whatever I want. (getting cranky now)

Me:  What do you want?
Him:  I don’t know….a million dollars

Me:  But what would you do with it- what would you do
what would you buy?
Him:  Whatever I want.


Shortly after this…I gave up 🙂

LOTS of people do this…have the wish for “something more” but don’t know what  that “something” is.  Why??   I truly think you need to believe you deserve abundance.  My Husband doesn’t actually believe he will ever win Lotto because “People like him don’t win Lotto” so of course he doesn’t.

I KNOW what my abundance looks like. (Made real by my vision boards)

I have decided that I am going to create many vision boards –one for the big things and kind of like a  “sub-boards” off the main board.    For example…on my main board is a wish to redecorate our apartment.
I am creating a separate board with the things I see for our apartment…the furniture, the appliances, the linen on the bed.

This will help further manifest the abundance I want. It also makes me aware of what I want so that is a great bargain presents itself, I can grab it.

Do you use vision boards?  Please post a picture of your board or tell me about how you have manifested “stuff”.