Getting $#!T Done

a  5 day challenge

You CAN have your dream,
ideal life, but you need to plan it
and have goals and tasks that you
can move forward with in a
consistent, purposeful way everyday….
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Advanced ebay Mastery

This side by side training
compliments Neil Asher’s
Aussie Online Entrepreneur
Amazon training.  Join over
100 AOE members who have
learnt how to put the pieces
together and sell on eBay too.
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Personal Coaching Session

How about 2 hours of my time
just you and me 1:1 ?
Work on “whatever”.
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5 Day BootCamp

You have done all the AOE Modules,
you have been live on Amazon for a
while and have even seen some sales
and are getting reviews but are you
having trouble growing to the next level?

I have created a 5 day ‘Bootcamp” that will
create a marketing package that will deliver
your products to YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER.
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