Being True to Your Dreams.

Being True to Your Dreams.

My version of self-employment


This week I made the decision to close one of my businesses that was, quite frankly, just not performing.

It is hard to explain people who are not, or have not been in business very long, how freeing letting business related things go can be.

I have been seriously self-employed since November 1995.    I say “seriously” because there were lots of “side hustles” in the lead up to the purchase of my first bricks and mortar store and the determination that I was never going to work for a boss again.

That first business was a Kodak Express One-Hour Photo shop.  For the 15 odd years prior to that point I had worked in One-Hour Photo shops, so I did know what I was doing ?   I had been a manager for at least 8 or 9 of those years.  I made a pact to my family that, as I did not ever need to bring work home with me when I was a manage, I could see no reason why I would have to bring work home now.

I stuck to that pact and right up until VERY recently have not even had a “work” computer at home.  iPads with just my person email address is just fine.  Work can stay at work.

It is all about boundaries.

The other pact I made to myself was that my wage must at all times be at least that of the job… For me that meant that the shop MUST be able to pay me as the manager of a photo shop.  If it could not do that, why was I doing it?  I may as well get a job.

As a couple, we decided that my husband would go out on his own and became self employed in 1999.  Same rules applied. No silly hours, and same pay as the “job” required.

One business decision we do in all our businesses is to have a really close look at the profit and loss numbers at the beginning of both the financial year and the calendar year (So July and January) to determine what needs to change. We look at what has done well and how can we improve on that but also what has done poorly.  We look at products, services, staff, clients,  time we are spending in the businesses and profit margins as well as actual dollar profits.

Over the years we have seen many a product or service be introduced only to realise that it was a drain on resources and be let go in 6-12 months. Sometimes they have not been as profitable as we planned.  Sometimes it might be a good dollar earner, but took too much staff time to create.  We have tweaked staffing levels to be fairer for all concerned. We have “sacked” clients that are less than ideal. Those one’s that we might need to be constantly chasing for payment, or one’s that are just a general pain in the rear.

Working my way out of a job

My lifestyle plan began a number of years ago and involved trying work out a way to replace 1-2 hours of work consistently over a 4-6 month period. The idea was that in the beginning I did 40 hours a week work, then 38 then 36 then 34 etc etc over time.  The money needed to stay the same.

This has worked pretty well and I now work about 15 hours a week

I am not at the point of being able to “sit on a beach with a laptop” type lifestyle, but I am creating businesses that do not need the owner in them all the time.  This makes for attractive businesses when it comes time to sell.

The Question of Money

This is a very personal issue.  How much YOU want to make to live your lifestyle will most likely be totally different to what I want.

Most people VASTLY over estimate the amount of money they actually need o create their perfect life.

My advice is to always start with a “Be-Do-Have” Perfect Day exercise and when you have completed it, price that day out.

Now, remember, in your ideal day, you might have that you are going to a café by the beach for breakfast…but do you REALLY want to do that EVERYDAY??

Unless your ideal day included a far bit of workout time, those café breakfasts are going to be pretty detrimental to your health eventually ?

As a good guide though, start with the salary you have and think what would it look like if you had that same salary but only worked  ½– ¼ of the hours

Where to now?

If you are working fulltime and trying to become self-employed, but can’t afford to buy a business or try to create a product or service that can replace a few hours work.  Once you can do that, it might be possible to reduce your hours at work.  Keep going until you replace all your hours

Have FUN!!

Business can be hard, there is no denying it, but you do have to be doing something you enjoy.  If you wake up in the morning and dread the day ahead, you may as well go back to a job and take advantage of the benefits that this might bring – sick pay, holidays, superannuation etc

I can honestly say that I do love being the master of my own destiny. If mistakes are made, I know they are mine and mine alone.  Conversely,  the rewards are welcomed with pride that I created them.






Why Do I Want To Be A “Princess”?

Why Do I Want To Be A “Princess”?

There is somewhat of a backlash to girls and women wanting to be a “princess”.  After all, in this modern world can’t us women be so much more than a figment of prettiness that relies on a saviour in the form of a man?

Well…DUH!!   Of course ?     I do not aspire to be a Disney Princess nor an actual Royal Princess -that appears like faaaaaar to much work.

What I DO aspire to is the perfect life that most little girls are led to believe that a Princess has.

Waking up in a huge fluffy soft bed ( where even so much as a small pea creates discomfort) surrounded by woodland creatures and twittering birds.

The sun is shining as she slips into a lovely outfit and partakes of high tea in luxurious surroundings.  If there is any light work to be done, it is met with a merry song and is never a drudgery.

Her prince is dashingly handsome and treats her with the love and adoration that befits her – and she reciprocates. TOGETHER they live happily ever after.

I guess it is not so much the idea of being a princess as such but rather  it is the idea of being  the heroine of your own story, whatever that looks like.


So… Use the good china, Wear the jewellery, Bathe with the nice soap.  Who is more important to use it for than YOU!

Be the heroine of your own story.

My Top 3 Tips For Living Your 10/10 Life.

My Top 3 Tips For Living Your 10/10 Life.

1: KNOW what your ideal life looks like

Dream, really image yourself living your ideal life. What does it look like? Who is in it? Where do you live? What do you do every day?

You need to be REALLY specific here.
Start from the moment you open your eyes. What is your bed like? What do you do first thing?  Now get up, what do your toes touch on the floor? Is it lush carpet or cool polished timber floors?   Do you go directly to the kitchen to have a glass of fresh squeezed OJ or do you make your way to your spa-like ensuite for a vitalising shower under the glorious rain head while rubbing your body with luscious body wash.?

What is next? Breakfast, yoga, a run or quiet reflection on the patio overlooking the mountains?

How do you dress? What are your plans for the day?

Keep going until you complete your ideal day until the moment you slip your body back into that comfortable bed you rose from this morning.

You can create a number of these ideal days. You might have an ideal work day, an ideal Sunday and an ideal family day

2: CHOOSE to live that life NOW. 

Pick one or two things that are less than ideal and start slowly upgrading.
Simple achievable upgrades are the lesson here, you want each upgrade to be a regular part of your life.

3: Don’t STRESS.

If you are feeling stress about an upgrade in any way, it may be that you are trying to jump too many steps.  Is your Ideal Car a brand new Mercedes or BMW but for now you have an early model Toyota?   Start small, set your intention for that new car, buy a key ring with the logo on it, look at slowly updated your Toyota. Look at the price of older Mercedes’ or BMW’s ( you might be very surprised)

Be – Do – Have

An exercise in creating YOUR ideal life.

Be, Do, Have exercises have been around the self help circles for a long time. The intention is to show your mind what can be.  It is more than a “fake it and make it” folly, it is more about opening yourself up to the possibilities of what your best life FEELS like.

I like to take some quiet time most mornings, in that time before you are fully awake, and just BE.  See yourself in that ideal life.  TRULY be there, what does it feel like?

The following prompts can help you guide your thoughts as to what you can  BE, can DO and can HAVE.

Get my FREE worksheet prompt to help you create your ideal life vision

Enjoy ❤❤

How to be Friends with your Money

How to be Friends with your Money

What is your relationship with your money?

Do you have a feeling of dread that there is never enough? or do you rejoice and welcome the possibilities that every dollar can provide?

I am sure you have guessed by now, that I love my money, I welcome it and treat it nicely like I would a trusted friend.

By making money welcome, more will be attracted to you and there will always be enough.  Sure, I would like more sometimes, but I very rarely say “I can’t afford that”  rather I say “What do I have to do to achieve that”

The act of purchasing anything is always a choice. Even the simple act of buying bread can range from the budget $1.00 supermarket offering up to high end $10 a loaf artisan bread.  While I may not buy the artisan bread every day, it is sometimes bought on the weekend as a treat.  That artisan sourdough loaf together with slices of good ham and a couple of poached eggs still equates to a far smaller outlay than hubby and I going to a cafe for breakfast.

So how do I do it?

In our personal life, we have been “living on the pension” for a few years now. (you can read about it here)

It is due to this spending plan that we have been able to pay down a huge amount of our debt and will be debt-free (with a luxury car) well before retirement age, which is still over 10 years away for us.

To welcome my money like a friend, I have devised a method of preparation like one might do if they knew a friend was coming to visit and stay a while.

Step 1:  Set aside some time to prepare for the visit.
Make a time (I do it monthly) to have a look at balances and spending.

Having an in-depth understanding of exactly what comes in and what goes out each month is VITAL to creating a great relationship with your money.

(As a starting point, try using your debit or credit card for EVERY purchase for a few weeks, I know that sounds against what every “guru” says, but seriously who has the time or inclination to track every cent in a book or app for more than a few hours?   Having purchased on a card means you can go back and examine the transaction list and allocate where each dollar has gone.)

Once you have an understanding of your spending habits, you can organise a spending plan to accommodate the lifestyle you wish to have.  Note that I called it a Spending Plan NOT a Budget.  Budget is a word like Diet in that it has a negative connotation and feeling of lack for many people.  So have a Spending Plan and a Healthy Eating plan

Your money will not be a burden if it knows exactly where it is meant to go and what its purpose is.

Step 2:   Welcome Money
When you do see money arrive, welcome it with open arms ( or wallet 🙂  ) Don’t dwell on thoughts that it is not enough.  Would you open the door to a friend and greet them with  “Oh, It is only you, I was hoping for more”?

Step 3: Treat money nicely.
Literally, have a nice purse or wallet to keep money in. It will make you feel abundant every time you remove it from your handbag.  Keep your purse tidy, clear out those scraps of paper, old receipts and rubbish. This shows money that it is important and has a clear space to live.  Look after bank accounts too, have your emergency money in a higher interest account that means it is working as hard as you are.

These simple things will change your mindset around money and ultimately you will attract more 🙂

How Much Money Do You Need?

How Much Money Do You Need?

How much money do you need?
An interesting discussion recently on this subject with a group I am in.
Now of course the whole philosophy behind my life and, indeed, this blog, is that I don’t aspire to be financially a gazillionaire.

Sure, I want to be a princess but there are a whole lot of factors that are brought up around being financially rich.

I enjoy working but have no wish to do it for 100 hours a week. I also love travelling, but when we are away for an extended period of time, it is lovely to get home.

So, how much money DO you need?

To answer this question, I believe you need to know first how much your ideal 10/10 life would cost.
Once you have that, it is a simple case of working backwards to obtain an annual income level.

I guarantee you it will NOT be as high as you might think.

I have adapted a budget planner to be an “Ideal Life” calculator. Why not try it out and see for yourself what YOUR ideal life costs.

You can get a copy for your own ideal life here… ( or click on the images below)

I see many people say if they had unlimited money that would travel all the time…BUT have a think about it, when you go on holiday, how long does it take you to start yearning for home, friends and family?

Others say they would eat out a lot..but again, would you really? what would that do to your waistline and health? It is fun to play with this calculator but be realistic to your own life as well.

Many of the things you really want from your ideal life are probably not financial, but time based. I want to spend a lot more time with the grandkids, but as they are in school so we can really only visit on school holidays and only if they are not going away on their own adventures.

A fundamental cornerstone of my Rise to Rich course is my RISE Audit to determine where your life is at right now, and then diving deeper into the RISE Plan to fully map out exactly what YOUR 10/10 life looks like.

Check it out here

Why Consistency is the Key to Achieving Everything You’ve Dreamed

Why Consistency is the Key to Achieving Everything You’ve Dreamed

consistent action

There is one thing that stands in your way to becoming anything you want to be and accomplishing anything you’ve dreamed of.
It’s not money and it’s not time. It’s not a lack of luck or not having the right opportunities handed to you on a plate.

The thing that is standing in your way is a lack of consistency.

I am sure everybody has heard that it takes approximately 28 days to create a new habit (or break an old one)
Changing behaviour is HARD, you are rewiring mindset patterns that have been deeply ingrained and are just so familiar. Even simple tiny tasks like making your bed every morning can prove to be a tough thing to master.

Making our bed EVERY morning has been a “thing” for me.  I was in the kitchen a while back waiting for the kettle to boil for my morning cuppa, mindlessly thinking of not much really, when it occurred to me that THIS was the perfect time to make the bed!   Who would have thought  LOL

It took less time to make the bed than it did for the kettle to boil.  Now I have a consistent morning habit of put the kettle on, make the bed, make the tea.

Making this tiny consistent change to my behaviour has helped me set up my day in the ideal way I want my home to look.

Why Consistency is the Key

If you want to be successful at anything then it takes work. As much as we might like to think we can be successful through luck or by gaming the system (and as much as we might be tempted to buy into ‘get rich quick’ schemes or diet fads), the reality is that “luck” requires work.
You need to make consistent progress toward your goals.

And the problem is that most of us just don’t commit to the consistent action

We make grand claims about the things we are going to do. We might proclaim we are going to lose weight, get fit, write a best-selling book or even just go to bed before midnight each night.  The plan may be carried out for a few days but then it sort of gets forgotten about and we slip back into their old ways. ☹

And why is this? We say that it’s a matter of time but most of us – even the busiest of us – manage to find the time to watch large amounts of TV, flick through trashy tabloid magazines or play long computer games. Many of us will waste time on the train staring into space, or we’ll randomly scroll Facebook or Instagram on our phones in bed not really accomplishing anything or having a particularly good time!

Why? Because we don’t have a plan to enable consistent behaviour to become a habit.

What to do About it

We might claim that we “deserve” a night watching Netflix, or eating things that we shouldn’t really. It feels like a reward.

But the reality is that if you are working towards a goal you care about and that you’re passionate about, you’d probably enjoy that just as much.

This is purely a matter of creating consistent ACTION   Often our goals seem too large or just too far out of reach, but by chunking those goals down into smaller easy to manage steps, we can create ways to find a consistent action to do that task.

And there are a few ways you can do this:

  • Start Simple. Choose ONE area of your life you want to change right now
  • Write down your goals. There have been numerous studies that show the pure action of writing a goal down can help it come to fruition ( you still have to do the work though ?  )
  • “Reverse Engineer” those goals. Eg a goal might be “To Save $1000 this year”  reverse engineering might mean you need to save $83.34 per month, or $19.23 per week or just a TINY $2.74 per day (and who can’t do that? That is less than foregoing your coffee EVERYDAY )
  • Formulate a CONSISTENT Action for that goal. Set up a daily/weekly/monthly transfer from your bank account into your savings account.
  • Reduce the “consistency disruptors” of the rest of your day – Switch your café coffee with one from home, get off the bus one stop earlier to get some extra exercise

Commit to your plan for 28 days.   After that time, if you have succeeded in your goal, add another goal. If not, don’t beat yourself up, review how you can do things differently and commit again for the next 28 days

Find the consistency and you’ll find you can do anything. Now you know the problem, there is nothing to stop you from fixing it!

My RISE to Rich programme helps you determine your goals and breaks each part of your life down into smaller, manageable steps.  By taking baby steps you CAN be living your 10/10 life.

3  Steps  Ebook

3 Steps Ebook

Keep reading to learn more…

Are You Happy? Truly Happy?

The Good News Is…
You Can Have Everything You Want In Your Life…

Do You Feel….

  • Like a hamster in a wheel?  Busy busy BUSY but going nowhere fast?
  • Frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, and disillusioned
  • That you had grand plans but no matter how hard you seem to work you can’t make come together.?
  • That life is a constant juggle?
  • Tired, Sad and maybe even angry?.

Do You Crave….

  • Satisfying work that fulfills you.
  • Contentment, happiness and Peace
  • A clear vision of where your life is heading
  • A rich, full, satisfying life in all areas
  • Balance, Confidence and Calmness

    Inside you will learn…

    • How to know what you really want.
    • How to stop waiting for life to “happen”
    • How to improve your health, your home life, and even your looks… with just a few small changes…
    • The step-by-step method to become anything you want to be.

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    Hi There, 

    Are you happy with where you are in life right now? Or, do you wish life was.. well..MORE?

    Everyone has different goals and dreams… 

    Some are trying to change the world…
    …others just want to settle down and live a long healthy life with the people that they love the most…
    some want financial wealth…others want fame and prestige.. 

    And then there are those that want it ALL! They want everything they can get out of life… 

    What about you? 

    When you look in the mirror, are you satisfied with the person you are today… or do you dream about the type of person you want to become? 

    There Is A Little Known Secret Why Most People
    Never Truly Get What They Want Out Of Life…

    They don’t know actually what they want. 

    That may sound like an easy excuse, but it’s true… 

    Beyond not knowing what… many people also don’t realize that they CAN have anything they want… 

    Some people – especially us women – don’t think they deserve to be truly fulfilled and happy. 

    And that’s a big problem… 

    Overcoming those nagging doubts and inner speech that hold you back is the first step to making a lasting change in your life and finally becoming the person that you’re supposed to be… 

    And sadly, very few people ever become truly happy… 

    Many resign themselves to a life of struggling just to get by… or hold themselves back from embracing true, lasting happiness. 

    YOU don’t have to live that way. 

    Life IS meant to be LIVED and LOVED 

    And, There Is A Simple Way To Get
    Everything You Want In Life…

    You truly can have anything and everything that you want in life… 

    And it all starts with the first step… 

    You must first KNOW what you want to be able to build the type of life that you want and deserve… 

    I’ve seen people NOT living the type of life they deserve to live. 

    I’ve seen people struggling day to day… 

    You don’t have to live that way. 

    That’s why I’ve created this very special book… 

    Over the years, I’ve put together a proven roadmap for creating the type of life that you want to live… If you follow what’s inside this book, you truly can change your life… for the better… forever! 


    So… Who the heck am I ???

    I’m Sue Josephson from Sunshine Cash. Firstly.. a HUGE welcome and thank you for allowing me into your life in this small way.   I do appreciate that your life is SUPER busy and your inbox is a pretty crowded space.

    Before I launch into a whole cliched “About Me” spiel, firstly let me tell you what I am NOT!

    Unlike a lot of online Coaches, Gurus or Self Proclaimed “Experts”
    I don’t have a fancy degree or walls lined with certificates in shiny frames, in fact I did not go to university at all.  I did complete year 12 at high school, but with NO CLUE as to what I want to be “when I grew up”

    I don’t really have a Rags to Riches story.  Sure I have been tight on cash, but never really DIRT POOR for any lengthy period of time.

    (I do have a story of how our last $20 was spent of food and a hail storm left our kitchen window in the pot of savoury mince I had made to last through the entire 7-10 days until we were to see any further income…  You can read about that here)

    I have not ever earned the “average” wage.

    What I AM though is resourceful.    I have dreamed BIG most of my life.

     Even as a girl, I could spend hours in my room looking at catalogues and touching a picture and just immersing myself in what MY life would look like if I had these wonders.   Oh the JOY!!

    Fast forward to the late 1990’s and 2000’s and the “Self Help” gurus started really showing up.

    All of a sudden I could see that “The Law of Attraction” was something I did unconsciously everyday and “stuff” would almost “automagically appear”

    I know you may think it is all IMPOSSIBLE and a bit “airy fairy” or “woo woo” but I am going to share with you the EXACT methods I use to create MY ideal life and how You can too.

     So, buckle up lovely, you are in for the ride of your (ideal) life.

     I cannot wait to see you RISE.


    So, What is Holding YOU Back?

    Click BELOW to Download your eBook
    NOW and start living YOUR best life.

    The 21 day to make 9 (or break) a habit myth BUSTED

    The 21 day to make 9 (or break) a habit myth BUSTED


    I am sure that many of us are familiar with the idea that it takes approx. 21-28 days to make or break a habit.

    I know I have heard it from MANY coaches in all fields. 
    I guess that is why we see so many “21 days to get fit” or “28 days to a slender waist” etc.

    Well, it seems that time frame has been busted…the time to actually change a habit is (on average) 66 days!!

    Where did the 21 days come from?

    Apparently, one Dr Maxwell Maltz, wrote a book in 1960 in which he made observations that in his practice he saw that it took a MINIMUM of 21 days for a new habit to form in the brain.

    As Dr Maltz’s book became more and more popular (it has sold over 30 million copies) it became a reference book for many in the growing self-help arena.  As more and more of the self-help gurus became influenced by Dr Maltz’s book, a series of “Chinese whispers” managed to drop the concept of a MINIMUM of 21 days and so the myth of 21 (or 28) days to change a habit became accepted a fact.

    So…How long DOES it take?

    According to a 2009 European study it takes between 18 to 254 days to form a new habit and a 2012 British study dove into the psychology of forming a habit.

    What these studies have determined that is takes an AVERAGE of 66 days… which is approx. DOUBLE that old myth.

    What comes next?

    Firstly, write down the habit you want to change. Why do you want to change it? What will your life look like when this change happens?

    Now you can begin to focus on the HOW and concentrate on that for the next 66 days.
    For the first 7-14 days, announce your intention to change that habit.  Often this is enough to “guilt” you into doing it.  (Think of you will feel if you fail 😀)

    If you don’t feel like you can announce your goal publicly to all your friends.  Why not join our private Facebook group and announce it there?  We will be there for you.

    Keep in mind that you should keep your changes simple and achievable. Eg: You might want to change the habit of snacking on junk food at night. It is almost a foregone conclusion that you will fail if you try and deprive yourself of all the snacks in your house.  Try limiting yourself to those junk snacks just 3 days a week and replace the other 4 with something healthier.

    Whatever you do, go slow and make it YOUR new normal.  This way you move in baby steps toward your ideal 10/10 life without the bad habits that annoy you.

    Making “Budget” Food High Class

    Making “Budget” Food High Class

    Part of the appeal of eating out is often, for us ladies, the fact that we don’t have to cook.

    Luckily hubby and I enjoy cooking so that is not such an issue for us.   We tend to look for “something different”
    Different flavours, different pairings, different view.

    We were wandering along our local restaurant strip recently and neither of us felt the compulsion to try anything (and subsequently spend $100 for a “blah” experience).    One restaurant has “Italian Lemon Chicken with Garlic Beans”  I have had this dish before and it is nice so when I pulled some chicken Maryland pieces out of the freezer for dinner, I thought that is what I will make.

    The other appeal of a meal out is the beauty of the meal on the plate.  We all eat with our eyes first and it does make a difference to the most basic of meals if you take just a little time to present it on a plate with care.

    I like to look at Instagram or Pinterest for plating ideas.  The rise of “FoodPorn” Instagrammers means there are loads of examples of beautiful plates of food.  You don’t need to copy them verbatim, but take some clues as you why a dish takes your fancy and keep it in mind when serving your meals.

    I found this image of a nice chicken dinner to provide some inspiration for my “Italian Chicken”

    With just a little bit of “foodie” style elevated what could have been a standard Chicken and Mash dinner into something that felt much more like the experience of a meal out.  A glass of my new favourite sparkling wine certainly helped too.

    Italian Herb Chicken

     2 Chicken Maryland pieces
     1 tbsp Butter
     1 tbsp Olive Oil
     1 tsp Mixed Italian Herbs
     2 Tomatoes cut into pieces ( or used halved cherry tomatoes)
     2 Mushrooms sliced finely
     1 Onion diced finely
     1 Clove of Garlic Crushed
     1 tbsp Tomato Paste
     ½ cup Chicken stock, water or white wine.
     Shaved Parmesan Cheese for Serving.

    Lemon Garlic Green Beans

     1 Green Beans trimmed to similar sizes
     1 Clove of Garlic Crushed
     1 tbsp Butter
     1 Zest and Juice of a small lemon

    Parmesan Potato and Cauliflower Mash

     1 Potato (medium)
     1 Cauliflower piece approx the same size as the pototo.
     ¼ cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
     2 tbsp Butter
     ¼ cup Milk

    1: Preheat oven to 180 degrees

    Melt the butter in a heavy based, oven proof frying pan, adding olive oil to prevent the butter burning.

    Add onion and sweat until almost translucent, Add garlic, herbs and Chicken Drumsticks. Fry until the chicken is lightly golden all over.

    Pour over the chicken stock, wine or water, cover and place into the oven for 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. Check that the pan does not dry out. Add more stock if needed.

    2: While the chicken is cooking, steam the green beans and boil the potato and cauliflower.

    3: When the beans are tender, place into a small pan with butter, garlic and lemon juice. Melt to coat the beans. Keep warm until ready to serve.

    4: Mash the potato and Cauliflower together with butter, milk and parmesan. Keep warm until ready to serve.

    5: When the chicken is cooked, place the pan on the stovetop after removing the drumsticks to rest. Add the Tomato, Mushroom and tomato paste, stirring to pick up all the bits off the bottom of the pan. bring to a simmer until the mushrooms are tender.

    6: Plate up carefully and serve with shaved parmesan and a squeeze of lemon juice.

    4 Simple Rules to Create a RICH Life

    4 Simple Rules to Create a RICH Life

    When you think of RICH does the image of money and wealth immediately spring to mind?  For most people it does, but did you know that the dictionary has many definitions of the word RICH and only one has to do with actual money.

    However, by following these 3 simple rules, you can become financially rich.

    Rule Number 1:  Do Not Live Above Your Means.
    I think everybody knows their income should be higher than their spending to be able to achieve financial stability. Certainly, my philosophy of making my cash work hard for me has been the cornerstone of creating my “Sunshine Cash” lifestyle

    Rule 2: Save Up and Invest
    Again the common thinking is to save the balance between your income and outgoings and invest to create further income.  Planning income for your future self is a wise decision if you do not to be still working 9-5 well into your 80’s.

    Rule 3:  Improve on Rules 1 & 2.
    It is easy to plan and budget your expenses. The issue comes in the practice.  So many have the greatest intentions only to slip back to bad habits in a month or two.  It is VITALLY important to keep checking in with yourself and keep yourself on track to achieve your long term goals.

    Rule 4:  Do Not Apply These Rules to Just Your Money.
    To have a truly RICH life, every area of life needs to follow the first 2 rules.
    Let’s see how this can be applied to the 8 life areas..


    Life AreaRule 1:

    “Do Not Live Above
    Your Means”

    Rule 2:

    “Save Up and Invest”

    Financial WealthSpend less than you EarnSave and Invest the left over money after expenses
    Home and EnvironmentHave a home that suits your lifestyleMaintain your home to keep it in good condition.
    Family & FriendsHave hundreds of “Friends”Nurture and protect true friendships that see you through thick and thin.
    Romance / PartnerBe too busy to give your partner time. Taking them for grantedTaking time to connect on a personal level often to keep the spark alive.
    Health & WellbeingOvereat and don’t exerciseHave regular check-ups with health professionals.
    Career & BusinessJumping from one job to the next often.Creating a long term career that creates job satisfaction.
    Personal GrowthBeing constantly stressed and busyAllowing some “Me Time” to create balance and unwind.
    Fun & RecreationBeing constantly stressed and busyFinding time to have fun, engage in a hobby or just relax with friends

    Take some time and consider how can you apply the 2 rules to your life in all areas.

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