A Wrap-up of 2022 and a Plan for 2023

A Wrap-up of 2022 and a Plan for 2023

2022 has proven itself to be my “annus horribilis” with a number of serious health complications raining down on our family.  Thankfully we have reached the other side of it with some sort of normality and life continues – albeit with some changes.

The year has disappeared in a blur of doctors’ appointments, hospital visits and LOTS of stress.
We made the very tough decision to sell our dream block of land in Hobart, Tasmania.  We will still retire to Tasmania but with a different plan that we have not fully formed yet

Mostly I managed to keep it all together, but at times I have NOT felt I have been living my best life. 🙁

I CAN be grateful that we were able to travel and were able to see our gorgeous grandsons TWICE this year.  As much as it is super fun Facetimeing 5&3 year olds, nothing beats “Nana Cuddles”

All in all, I can be thankful for every moment good and bad.  I can be intentional in closing off 2022 and be ready to face 2023 with renewed optimism and joy.

My word for 2023 is “SPACE”  space for me to…

  • breathe
  • relax
  • connect and just
  • BE!!

I have planned a number of catchups with friends, weekends away and plenty of “me time” ( how long has it been since I had a massage??)

What are your plans for 2023?

Why not complete the “Life Audit” to see where your life is at right now and give yourself some hints on what to address this year.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Strangely, this question has popped up a few times on my Facebook feed in the past few days.

I admit when I first saw it a week or so ago, my first thought was Italy.  I so enjoyed my time there on tour in 2014.
Everything about it, the countryside, the language, the people and of course the FOOD and WINE!!!

But then, after contemplation, I know that I am probably looking at Italy through “holiday tinted glasses”  I actually have no idea if it would be a great place to live.  I have never looked into jobs, taxation or the level of social care we enjoy here in Australia.  I love living in Australia, we are a pretty laid back nation of mostly awesome people and (like Italy) great countryside from the reef to the outback, and some amazing food and wine.  What is not to love?

My mother lives about 3 hours north of us in a smallish regional town with a population of around 120000 and I have often said I could easily live there if not for the weather.  It is far too hot and humid for me and I do not like living 9-10 months of the year NEEDING air conditioning.

We love living where we do. It is an easy drive to visit most of our family members and a short flight to see the others.  However, our selfish dream is to move south to Tasmania.  We have purchased our block of land and will build on it next year.  The house will be tenanted until we retire and move.

Given that Tasmania is a one-hour drive to the airport and then a 3.5hr flight, we will not have the opportunity to visit often 🙁

In the meantime, I am happy with various webcam footage from the area.  This one from the top of Mt Wellington/kunanyi is a firm favourite.  Today, for instance, it is a fine and sunny winter’s day here in Qld with a temperature of around 20C.  Looking at the webcam I can see SNOW!!     Our land looks toward the mountain, and I cannot wait to be sitting on our front deck with a hot cuppa, dressed warmly and looking at the snow in person 🙂

So my final answer as to where in the world I most want to live.. It is Hobart, Tasmania.

Why Can’t I Manifest Money??

Why Can’t I Manifest Money??

Why Can’t I Manifest Money??

abundanceHint: It’s because you might not be asking for the right thing 🙂

You have read all the books and blog posts.  You have made your vision board.  You have said your affirmations regularly.  All this and …crickets 🙁

“What am I doing WRONG”?  “I seem to be manifesting all sorts of other things, just not the $10,000 that I really want.”

I get asked this question often.  A client may have done all the work and has set her intention to buy that elusive “thing” but the money does not come 🙁

You might find that you are receiving all sorts of bonuses from the Universe that you have not picked up on.  You might get given tickets to a show you were planning on seeing, or you might win a hamper pack of foodie delights or even just one of those weeks at the supermarket where “everything” seems to be on sale and the checkout total is far less than you expected.

When I receive these kinds of things, I voice my gratitude to the Universe and then decided if I can “pay myself” for them.

eg:  If I receive tickets to a show that I WAS already planning on going to, the amount that I was planning to spend, will go into a bank account or off a debt.

The foodie hamper might be used as a replacement for a dinner out or regifted, either way, the dollar value of what I would normally spend will be used as the value of the hamper.

The supermarket savings will mean that the budget has some “wiggle room” or we may choose to redirect those savings into the holiday fund or similar.

If you look at all you receive and be grateful, you might find you are closer than you think to the original dollar figure you asked for.

But …guess what?  The Universe rarely gives money for money’s sake.  Let’s face it… money is just pieces of paper and metal that we as humans have designated a value to.  If you feel you are being given “things” other than the money you think you want, take a step back and reassess.

What is it that you really want?  If you are trying to manifest $10,000, what is your plan for that money?  Are you actually asking for a new car or a holiday or a new kitchen renovation?

Get specific, you may be surprised just what might be coming.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you manifest what you really want.

Step 1:  Get REALLY clear on what you are trying to achieve.  It is a Kitchen Renovation? Start a Pinterest Board full of ideas for your ideal kitchen. Visit Kitchen displays to be clear on the pricing of your ideal kitchen. When you are in your current kitchen, imagine what it will feel like when your dream becomes reality.

Step 2: Change your mindset.  Don’t dismiss the bonuses that are coming your way.  Be grateful and look for ways that these smaller things can be used as value toward your goal.

Step 3:  Take ACTIONS that lead to your goal.  Get detailed quotes from a builder so you know exactly what you need.  Keep an eye out for sales or bonus buys that mean you can either reduce the cost of your new kitchen or upgrade to higher quality for the same price.  (I have a friend who ended up with  FABULOUS marble splashback feature tiles because they were leftover from a high-end build and listed on Facebook at less than the plain white tiles she was looking at.)






“In the Quiet of the Night, What do you Yearn for?”

“In the Quiet of the Night, What do you Yearn for?”

I recently watched an interview with Martha Beck in which she was discussing her new book, “The Way of Integrity: Finding the path to your true self.”

If you have not heard of Martha Beck, she is an American life coach (most famous as being Oprah Winfrey’s coach), sociologist and author. In this book, she explains why “integrity” – being in harmony with ourselves–is the key to a meaningful and joyful life.

In one part of the interview, she mentions that, in many of her studies, when people are asked what they want, they reply with the typical…Nice House, Fancy Car, More time with the kids, Win the Lottery etc.

She then goes on to ask them…“In the quiet of the night, what do you yearn for?”

Over many years she has distilled this down to determine that all of us yearn for just four things – Peace, Freedom, Joy, and Love.   (Take your time and let that sink in a bit… Peace, Freedom, Joy, and Love.)

It was with this revelation, I realised that, I too yearn for these and it is my constant work to reach these.  For me Freedom is my number one driver.   This has shown itself in my desire to have my own business from an early age and “be the boss”  Not having to answer to higher management has meant that, while I may have worked equally as hard as my employees, I have had the freedom to choose what hours suit me and my family.

The Love component has been helped by knowing my Love Language and that of the people close to me.

If you have not read the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Dr Gary Chapman – do yourself a favour. The linked website has a quiz to do to determine your Love Languages.

The Joy and Peace factors are achieved in my life by being mindful of clutter around me.  I do not cope with dis-order and find myself getting stressed and anxious around clutter.

I am not about to say that my life is perfect – far from it. But using this framework of striving for Peace, Freedom, Joy, and Love is a powerful method.

How do you create Peace, Freedom, Joy and Love in your life? Let me know in the comments.

PS. My “Rise to Rich” course can help you to create the Peace, Freedom, Joy and Love you yearn for by helping you to determine what those qualities look like in YOUR 10/10 ideal life.  Find out more here..



Holiday Time :)

Holiday Time 🙂

Any travel through this CoVid time is a challenge, but we had decided that we did need a break but we would need to stay within our home state of Queensland.  At Easter we usually are able to take the Thursday before and the Tuesday after Easter to create a nice 6 day break.

For this trip we chose Rockhampton as it had been a long time since either of us had been in the area. A quick “Google” showed lots to do and see, but on further investigation I could not find any suitable accommodation.

I knew Yeppoon is the beachside locale of Rockhampton so decided to look there… Still not a lot available but I knew Easter would be a very busy time. I finally found “Salt Yeppoon Apartments“, a newish resort right on the oceanfront. It promised that every room has an ocean view. A few clicks and we were booked in a 1 bedroom apartment for 5 nights.

You can read all about our holiday on my travel blog here

Don’t Dismiss 2020 as a “Wasted” Year.

Don’t Dismiss 2020 as a “Wasted” Year.

As we wrap up 2020, I have seen much discussion given to the idea of “Thank goodness this year is OVER- bring on 2021”

However, I prefer to ponder on the 2020 I have had and acknowledge the things I have been most grateful for.

Firstly, is the tremendous relief that my immediate friends and family have stayed healthy throughout the year.

Lockdown, meant learning new ways to communicate for some. (Face-timing 4year olds is just plain FUN) With many people in lockdown and working from home has seen many of the Facebook groups I am in be more active and engaged, as people sought human interaction. I have formed some new online friends that will continue well beyond the new year.

Limitations on being able to go out meant that, instead of going out to eat, we would purchase quality ingredients and prepare many “restaurant worthy” meals at home (served on our “good China”). These days were a load of fun as M and I worked together to create delicious meals – Duck a l’Orange was a triumph, as was Pork Chops and Peaches.

Time at home also saw some heavy decluttering and deep cleaning done. Our apartment feels larger and lighter as a result.

I caught up on many movies, tv shows, YouTube channels and books that had been on my wishlist for ages.

YouTube channels on all kinds of exercise kept things interesting. From Yoga, to Chair Pilates and the crazy fun PE teacher Joe. Thankfully I am entering 2021 at 2kg less than the beginning of 2020.

From a finance point of view, my business is in e-commerce, and I saw a big move upwards in sales. With careful nurturing of my customers, I am looking forward to a new level with this business. M’s tradie business also saw some solid growth. I am immensely grateful that we were able to maintain our staff and even added a new staff member along the way.

All in all when I look at the current level of my life, I rate it as a pretty solid 8. Bring on the ability to travel again to visit and hug our interstate family and life will again be pretty close to 10.

Post in the comments, what are you most grateful for 2020 for?

Hello December !!

Hello December !!


For some people the mere thought of this time of year brings on a level of stress. The busy holiday season, extra expenses and the prospect of deciding on what the New Year might bring.

For me, December is a planning month (along with June).
For the most part, I have gift shopping sorted well before Christmas. I will only need to buy some fresh fruit, chocolates and “scratchy” tickets to go with cards.

What I do in December is to reflect on the past year.

  • How have my plans worked out?
  • What have I achieved
  • What has brought me the most joy?
  • Have I created any new (good) habits?
  • Do I have more to do to reach my goals?
  • What could I have done differently?

I also start to do some preliminary planning for the next year. These early plans can be refined through the month. This means that I start the New Year with a solid framework rather than a hasty, unconsidered “resolution” that stands little chance of being implemented or achieved.

December is a time to have a look over my RISE Plan and see where my current life balance is and what I feel needs to improve.  Often this makes any resolutions easy to make and prepare for.

Here are the steps I take to create my plan for the New Year.

Starting with the lowest scoring items from my RISE Plan, I will create a plan to bring them up to a level that will create a better balance in my life. I will do a Be-Do-Have exercise to visualise what I want this area to look like in its 10/10 ideal state and plan toward that.  This plan becomes a high priority so that area does not stay languishing in a less than perfect score

I will always try to work out how I can improve while keeping the monetary outlay as minimal as possible.  If I find that an upgrade does require actual money spent, then I need to work out how to incorporate it into the budget so the expense has as little an impact as possible.

These goals may change slightly over the year. (I am not so rigid that my January plans MUST be adhered to all year), but it creates a good launching pad for the New Year to come.

Spending some time of journalling what I see in my “new normal” life for this year helps in a number of ways.  It helps imprint your visualitions into your mind.  It has been proven that magic happens when you put pen to paper.  Also knowing what little things I have planned as upgrades helps when people invariably ask me “What do you want for ( Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas)”.   I will have a ready made list in my head of what I am desiring 🙂  This same list might also become saved searches in eBay, Gumtree or Facebook.  It is surprising how often the “perfect thing” comes up at a great price.

I will get specific with my goals. Vague goals such as “I am going to make self-care a priority” does not cut it.. It needs to be a SMART Goal. So my goal may be broken down to specific goals like
1: Book hairdresser every 6 weeks ongoing
2: Spend 30 minutes each morning on “me time”
3: Find a massage coupon (3-4 times for the year)

The first thing I do in my new year diary is to book out family birthdays and occasions.  I know we get together as a family for many of these, so pencilling out those weekends as busy shows me how much spare time I have for “US”

I will then dedicate each month to a specific area from my RISE Plan.  By concentrating on the areas that need the biggest upgrades first. It is these areas that might need to have new habits over a longer time period or a separate budget to consider.  For example, I have a renovation of our Kitchen and Bathroom on the plan for 2021.  I would like this to happen mid-year, but I will schedule it early in the year, so I have plenty of time to plan, get quotes and even start purchasing items for it as I might see sale items pop up.

While is great to have “Stretch Goals” if you make your goals too hard to achieve, it serves only to make you disillusioned and with feelings of failure.  Many of my goals will be two pronged – “Can certainly achieve if I stick to the plan” and “Would be nice if I really push it”

As in any journey, there is no “right way” to get from A-B, and allowing for detours to the plan is Ok as long as the direction is ultimately toward the end goal.  Sometimes it is these detours or “scenic routes” than can the most surprising results.

Your RISE Plan will help you pick up where you left off or reset some ideals of your ideal life.

Keep in mind that you are creating YOUR ideal life, and every bit of progress is a win.

Eating “Out”

Eating “Out”

Although in Queensland, we have been lucky to not have had the heavy lockdowns of some places, hubby and I have not been go out as much as usual.

This weekend though I felt like a “Cafe” breakfast and a Picnic lunch 🙂

Rather than going out, we decided to look at what we already had.

My usual go to menu item in Eggs Benedict. It really is quite easy to prepare.

A slice of sourdough bread, spinach, ham and a poached egg.
To finish it off, I have a great “cheats” hollandaise sauce that I found years ago on a website.

  • 2 tsp Butter
  • 1 tsp Mayonnaise
  • ½ tsp Lemon Juice
  • 2 tsp Dijon Mustard
  • Salt and Pepper

In a bowl, cup or small jug, microwave the butter until melted
Mix in mayonnaise, lemon juice and mustard and heat until warm.
Whisk until smooth. and add in salt and pepper to taste.

For our picnic lunch, I used two cold roasted chicken pieces and a selection of fruit, vegetables, cheese and nuts from the fridge and pantry.  Served simply on a board, it made for a simple but abundant meal overlooking the nearby beach.

What is Sunshine Cash?

What is Sunshine Cash?

What is “Sunshine Cash”?

The whole concept of “Sunshine Cash” is the total opposite of “Saving for a Rainy Day”

It is, of course, important to save an emergency fund for unforeseen events, but (in my opinion) to have money in the bank for money’s sake is just not necessary.

In no way would I EVER advocate spending more than you have, but cash is there to be spent. ALWAYS pay your bills first, then allow funds for savings and general “adulting” then allow some “Sunshine Cash” for just having fun.

My Story..

I have been on this planet for 50-something years now and have learnt a lot in that time ( as we have all) Some of the lessons I have taken to heart and have created a happy content life that is MY version of pretty damn good 😊 All while NOT “keeping up with the Jones’ (or the Kardashians)

I vividly remember as a child, the excitement of the big Saturday paper.  Mum would read the lifestyle, cooking and fashion liftouts, Dad would have the news and sport, my brother would race for the comics and I just LOVED the ad catalogues.

The  JOY of browsing each page and tenderly touching images of items that seemed only for the “rich”.  With my hands on an image, I could close my eyes and imagine exactly what it would be like to have that thing. The way I felt, the touch,  the sounds, the smell.  Ahhh bliss!!

Little did I know that I was manifesting my ideal life even as a youngster.  I always knew what my ideal life looked like.

My life is not “frugal” in the traditional sense of some ( I do not scrimp on every penny) Instead, I know what my ideal life looks and feels like and actively work toward that goal every day.

Over the years I have been told MANY times how “Lucky” I am and my answer has always been “I worked bloody hard to be this lucky” The truth is though… I am LAZY 😊 I actually don’t like to work too hard, but I do work hard for my money and I expect my money to work hard for me.



I Love this quote. “Just when the Caterpillar thought her life was over, she became a Butterfly”

It says so much about the past and the future. It is good to remind ourselves that no matter what happens in our lives, surely there is beauty to come.

Did you ever wonder what ACTUALLY happens to that caterpillar in her quest to transform into that gorgeous butterfly? I did, so of course I Googled it. OMG I tell you I have a whole new respect for the MASSIVE transformation that happens.

You can check it out here

With the work we will do in the Rise to Rich course, I promise you it will be just as transformational, but you won’t need to turn to soup to come out other side 🙂


What is Sunshine Cash?

Many of us have been raised with the idea of "saving for a rainy day", so we diligently squirrel away savings for a disastrous event.

While it is important to have a safety net backup, "Sunshine Cash" is the complete opposite 🙂 It is the money to have FUN with, money to burn, money to enjoy, and money to LIVE.

It is the formula that has seen me "Rise to Rich" and I can help you do the same.

Where to now?
Join me on the Sunshine Cash journey. Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for tips and hacks to create YOUR best life.

Oh! Please do comment on my posts. I love to know if something resonates with you, or how you do things differently. I love to hear your stories.

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