Follow these simple instructions to join the session

If you are on an iPad or Android Device, Scroll Down further  for instructions)

Click here to Join the Session

You should then see this screen

Now you get the webinar page

Click on the Phone Icon to join

Join the Session


To Join the Webinar from an Apple or Android device,
download the relevant app for your device.


Follow these Instructions.

Host and manage conference calls from the convenience of your iPhone®, iPad® or iPad Pro®, or join in on a screen sharing and video conferencing session.
iOS App Features

Connect with an Android™ device for instant audio, screen sharing and video conferencing — taking mobile online meetings to a whole new level.
Android App Features

Click the Online Meeting ID

Enter sue-aoe as the meeting ID, and fill in your name and email address
Choose to Dial In using the Internet
Allow the app to access your microphone.
Success!! You should hear an announcement and some “elevator music”