Want Ideas and Practical Strategies to Optimise Your Amazon Listing, Grow your Social Reach and Build Your Business Higher?

You have done all the AOE Modules, you have been live on Amazon for a while and have even seen some sales and are getting reviews but are you having trouble growing to the next level?

You know you should be doing Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and Google Ads and PPC and…….. it seems never ending!!  Do you wish you could spend some one on one time with a coach to get clarity around your marketing?

Guess what??  YOU CAN!!   I have created a 5 day ‘BootCamp” that will create a marketing package that will deliver your products to YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER.

I want to let you in on a few secrets..

If you think there is far too much work to do to drive traffic to your listings and you find yourself procrastinating and actually doing NOTHING, I want you to know that:

I totally get that you are busy and don’t have endless hours to put into your business yet.   There is so much conflicting information out there, it is impossible to do it all.

Do you just wish you had a magic fairy that would sweep in and make it all better?

That is where my Live 5 Day BootCamp comes in

In just 5 Days (and you don’t have to do it all at once)
I will guide you through the quagmire of marketing and help you get your message clear and place it in front of people that are ready to buy

Does that sound like a great plan??

Through the BootCamp we will work TOGETHER LIVE on your listing, form solid connections to your ideal customers and create compelling messages that those customers will have no option but to click that BUY IT NOW Button.

We will work on perfecting:

Get the practical guidance you need to grow and market  your Amazon business without overwhelm or expensive Ad Spend.

You CAN do this

and it would be my privilege to help you.  The sessions will be delivered on Zoom and recorded so you can replay over and over.

Let’s get started now.